Effective 1 July 2024, major changes are coming to the Temporary Graduate (Sc 485) visa, and the Skilled Recognised Graduate (Sc 476) visa will be closed.

Post- Vocational Education Stream

For the Temporary Graduate visa, the Graduate Work stream has been renamed the ‘Post-Vocational Education Work Stream’. To be eligible, applicants must hold an ‘associate degree’, ‘diploma’, or ‘trade qualification’ related to their nominated occupation. Only one Post-Vocational Education Work Stream visa can be held per applicant.

Post-Higher Education Work Stream

The Post-Study Work stream is now the ‘Post-Higher Education Work Stream’. This stream is available to those who have graduated with a degree or higher qualification. The two-year no visa application charge extension (VAC extension) is now closed. First visa holders in this stream can apply for a second visa, and initial Temporary Graduate visa holders in the Post-Study Work stream can transition to the Post-Higher Education Work Stream.

Age Requirement

The maximum eligible age for the Subclass 485 (Temporary Graduate) visa in both the Post-Vocational Education Work stream and the Post-Higher Education Work stream is now 35 years. However, Hong Kong and British National Overseas passport holders, as well as Masters (research) and PhD graduates, are eligible if they are under 50 years of age!


The Replacement stream will be closed to all applicants starting 1 July 2024. Transitional pathways are available for existing Subclass 485 visa holders, allowing them to apply for subsequent visas based on regional study and residence.

The Skilled-Recognised Graduate (Sc 476) visa also will be closed to all applicants from 1 July 2024. If these updates impact you, contact us at [email protected] for personalised assistance. Stay informed and prepare for these changes!