Resident Return (Subclass 155) visa

For those whom are a permanent resident (PR) of Australia and haven’t applied for Citizenship, the Subclass 155 renews your ability to travel in and out of Australia usually every five years. Contact us for more information about this today.

Permanent Parent (Subclass 864, 804, 143) visas & Temporary Parent (Subclass 870) visa

Unite Migration has substantial experience across several Parent visa subclasses, including the recently introduced Temporary Parent (Subclass 870) visa. Australian Citizen and Permanent Resident children can (if both parties meet eligibility requirements) sponsor Parents residing overseas for migration to Australia. Reach out to our specialists in this area now for further information.

Tourist (Subclass 600) visa

The Subclass 600 is a Tourist visa available for those whom are ineligible for the ETA and E-Visitor visas. Unite Migration has substantial experience with these applications, having lodged on numerous occasions for individuals worldwide, including those from Africa, Asia, South America and Europe. There’s complex legislation and policy behind the Subclass 600 and we aim to address this in detail within an application, in order to give it the best chance of success with the Department of Home Affairs.

Graduate (Subclass 485) visa

The Subclass 485 is applicable to certain Student visa holders, whom have either completed a type of qualification in Australia or have studied within a certain industry on the relevant skilled occupation list. If you’re coming to the end of your studies and would like to remain in Australia, reach out to Unite Migration today regarding options.

NZ Skilled (Subclass 189) visa

The NZ Skilled (Subclass 189) visa, is a stream of the permanent Independent Skilled (Subclass 189) specifically for New Zealand applicants. It’s directed towards those whom were predominantly residing in Australia on or before 19 February 2016. If you were in Australia on or before this date and have been working for the last five years, give us a call regarding your eligibility.

NZ Family Relationship (Subclass 461) visas

If you’re a New Zealand Citizen residing in Australia, then you may be eligible to sponsor your partner for a five-year temporary visa. This visa is renewable and permits both of you to remain in Australia together.

Skills Assessment

Unite Migration has numerous years of experience across an array of skills assessing authorities. These predominantly include VETASSESS, Trades Recognition Australia (TRA), Australian Computer Society (ACS), ANMAC & Engineers Australia (EA). If you require a skills assessment for your permanent visa application, contact us for experienced assistance.