Exciting Update on Job Advertisements for 482 and 494 Visa Applications.

As of December 2023, a significant change has been implemented regarding the mandatory use of the Workforce Australia website for job ads in visa applications.

For subclass 482 and 494 nomination applications, employers now enjoy increased flexibility as advertising on Workforce Australia is no longer a compulsory step in meeting the LMT requirement.

Instead, employers are required to advertise on two websites with national reach for a period of four weeks.

This positive development streamlines the LMT process for employers, making it more straightforward while maintaining the necessary outreach.

The shift reflects a broader trend toward granting employers greater autonomy in shaping their recruitment strategies.

These changes are part of a larger effort within the Australian migration system to enhance efficiency and responsiveness to the dynamic needs of the labor market.

Stay tuned for more updates as we navigate these exciting developments.

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