Formerly the Temporary Work (Subclass 457) visa, the Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) (Subclass 482) visa is one of the most popular working visas in Australia. The TSS allows international individuals across a variety of industries to work for an Australian business on a work visa.

When an Australian business experiences a skill shortage and cannot source a suitably experienced or qualified Australian from the local labour market, they may opt to sponsor an international employee. An example would be if a hospital is experiencing a shortage of nurses, they may sponsor nurses from overseas to come and work for them in Australia. This is where the TSS visa comes in. The sponsoring business, in this case a hospital, can lodge a nomination application nominating the prospective visa applicant, the nurse, for a position in their facility. The nurse is then able to lodge a separate visa application which will grant them a visa permitting them to work in Australia for the stipulated period.

Here at Unite Migration, we assist both Australian businesses and individuals through the process. Throughout our years of experience, we’ve helped numerous companies sponsor Recruitment Consultants, Engineers, Marketing Specialists, tradesman, doctors, dentists and many more.

Whether a business is boutique, mid-tier or a large corporation, we provide quality advice and an extensive service to ensure all clients feel looked after. One of our success stories involves a company who desperately required a mechanic. They managed to hire a Fijian national in Australia on a Student visa, his spouse and four children remained in Fiji whilst he studied. Fortunately, due to our thorough but efficient and streamlined processes, the applications were processed quickly, and the Mechanic was able to remain with the company for the next four years and he and his family were reunited in Australia.

By way of a breakdown of the process, the TSS involves three stages:

  1. The business must become a Standard Business Sponsor – This is a once-off application every five years and the business may sponsor as many international employees as required;
  2. The business must lodge a nomination application – This is required with each employee the business wishes to sponsor; and
  3. The applicant must submit a visa application – This is required for each individual.

All three applications have their own requirements and accompanying legislation. Three applications sound like a lot of work and it is, but Unite Migration is seasoned in ensuring a smooth application process. We’re experienced, we’re affordable and we’re committed to the highest level of assistance provided to businesses and individuals alike.

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